Oleg Zhdanov: An attempt by the Russian authorities to mobilize more than 130 thousand people will lead to the collapse of the system in the Russian Federation

In Russia, on average, about 130 thousand people are drafted into the army twice a year, this figure is an indicator of the throughput of the mobilization system.

In an interview with Dmitry Gordon, military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that the Russian Federation could recruit such a number of people, and then “collapse will begin”.

“We must give them [the Russian military commissars] their due, and they did a tremendous job of killing everything assigned to this mobilization. They killed everyone with this indiscriminate raking of people and sending them nowhere. They gathered them and pushed them to assembly points. And now the higher headquarters are horrified by what they receive, what kind of mobile material they receive from the field. And now it is impossible to let them [conscripts] go home because the next ones will not come, and it is impossible to work with them,” Zhdanov said.

According to him, the mobilized lack basic things, particularly military uniforms.

“If we take an analysis of the conscription of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, then on average, Russia calls up about 130 thousand twice a year for a month. By the way, the spring conscription failed, and they extended it for two weeks – they could not recruit the required number. “But 130,000 is an indicator of the throughput of the Russian mobilization system. Yes, they can collect such a number, and then the collapse will begin. And we are already witnessing this collapse. There is not enough uniform. Belarus is already receiving state orders for sewing uniforms. There is not enough: first aid kits, helmets, body armor,” Zhdanov stressed.

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