Oleg Zhdanov explained why all the reserves were not brought to Bakhmut

The expert noted that the necessary reserves come to Bakhmut from time to time.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained why the Ukrainian command is not pulling up all the reserves to Bakhmut, which has been heroically held by Ukrainian defenders for several months, even though the Defense Forces number 1.2 million people. Ukraine needs to keep its defense in the east and along the entire border with Russia and Belarus.

Answering questions from subscribers on his YouTube channel, he stressed that Ukraine must protect almost 3.5 thousand kilometers of the border. In addition, the Defense Forces include not only the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1.2 million are the Defense Forces, not the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They include Territorial Defence, the National Guard, border guards, the National Police, and the like. There are much fewer armed forces. We must keep the defense on our border with Belarus and Russia. We also need to keep garrisons on the coast of the Black Sea. You can’t do without this either – what if there will be an enemy landing,” he explained.

According to Zhdanov, the Ukrainian command cannot withdraw troops from other directions – for example, from the Sumy or Chernihiv regions.

“After all, then sabotage and reconnaissance groups will go there. They will see that there are no our troops, the battalion tactical groups of the Russian Federation will go – there will be a new invasion,” the expert continued.

At the same time, Zhdanov assured that the necessary reserves come to Bakhmut from time to time.

“Perhaps not in such quantity as we would like, but they are,” the expert noted.

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