Oleg Zhdanov made a war forecast for the winter: “There will be active hostilities”

It is easier to fight in the cold than in the rain, so there will be no pause in the fighting in the winter.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that hostilities will not subside in winter but will be active, and frosty, dry weather will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out combat missions and conduct counter-offensive operations.

Zhdanov spoke about this in a daily summary on the air of his YouTube channel.

“There will be active actions. Today, even the rain does not interfere. Yes, it’s very hard, making fighting difficult, slush. When people are in the rain, their clothes are wet, it’s very unpleasant, and in combat conditions, it’s even worse. And then we continue, including counter-offensive actions in separate areas in separate directions,” the expert said.

“And winter, low temperatures will dry up the ground. Frost freezes moisture, and frost makes a hard surface. Slush leaves, moisture decreases on frosty days. And please, if a soldier is well dressed, and uniformed, then what are the problems? Fighting can continue,” Zhdanov explained .

He emphasized that the winter campaign would be won by the one who could better warm up his army.

“The one who will have an advantage in the winter, whoever dresses his soldier warmer, who better prepares the heating points for personnel, who delivers and feeds hot food to his soldiers, will win the winter campaign. This is the basis of the basics,” said the military expert.

He also assured that winter would be an advantage for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“It’s easier to fight in the cold than in the rain, believe me. So there will be no pause. This is our advantage. On the contrary, the frosty weather, but dry, will make it possible to carry out combat missions and conduct counter-offensive operations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” explained Zhdanov.

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