Oleg Zhdanov: officers who calculated missile routes did not work unprofessionally

The Russian occupiers launched a massive attack on Ukraine with various types of missiles. However, this is not a new tactic.

As military expert Oleg Zhdanov said on Channel 24, the invaders “gathered everything they could” to deliver a mixed strike at night.

“They simply collected everything they could. By the way, the more types of missiles used in one strike, the more difficult it is to coordinate and organize such a massive missile strike,” the expert noted.

Zhdanov noticed that different types of missiles require different kinds of routes. The attack failed because the invaders, who developed the routes of the missiles, overloaded the targets.

“What is at stake in this war is the destruction of Ukraine as a state, the seizure of the territories, and the population here. What could be the price? Half a billion plus or minus? This is how you need to look at the costs that Russia physically bears,” Zhdanov added.

On the night of March 9, the Russian invaders once again delivered a massive blow to Ukraine. The attack lasted more than 6 hours. The enemy launched 84 missiles from various bases, the defenders of Ukraine destroyed 34 missiles, and 8 more did not reach their targets. Opponents used, including missiles Kinzhal and Kalibr. The enemy also launched 12 air strikes, in particular, used 8 Shahed-136 UAVs, half of which were shot down.

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