Oleg Zhdanov: Our position is clear. It is voiced. It remains unchanged to this day

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov answered the question of his subscriber about China’s role in settling this war

“To date, the pro-Ukrainian position is the main one. All partner countries that support us emphasize that only Ukraine sets the tone for the policy of the negotiation process and the settlement of this war.

Only Ukraine decides under what conditions to start the negotiation process. Only Ukraine decides in what way – diplomatic, military or combined – to liberate this or that territory. Our (Ukrainian) position is clear. It is voiced. It remains unchanged to this day.

Xi Jinping

I recall that Jake Sullivan made a statement on behalf of the White House when Xi Jinping indicated a desire to speak with Zelensky via video link. The White House announced the following: “It is very good for Xi Jinping to hear the position of Ukraine in this war, and the essence of this war from Ukraine and the entire civilized world, from the first person, from the President of Ukraine. And then maybe the Chinese leader will understand what is really happening in Ukraine, what the Russian Federation is really doing, what Putin is doing here”. Personally, Putin, because he is a responsible person, as the supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, who are waging this war of conquest today.”

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