Oleg Zhdanov: Russia “closes” occupied Crimea

From September 19, travel on the Crimean bridge will be limited, the expert noted.

The Russian occupation authorities are beginning to mobilize those liable for military service in the occupied Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this.

“News from the occupied Crimea: from September 19, leaving Crimea will be possible only with the written permission of the military registration and enlistment office … The Russian occupation authorities in Crimea take control of the population’s exit from the peninsula’s territory. That is, if they close Crimea, it will not be possible to escape,” he noted.

Crimean (Kerch) Bridge
Photo: Reuters

“A document has been published on organizing a call for mobilization on new rules for crossing the Crimean bridge and restricting exits. So, mobilization has already begun in Crimea,” the expert added.

Recall what was previously reported, that now the Russian invaders are trying to evacuate their air defense deep into the territories or to Russia.

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