Oleg Zhdanov: Russia deliberately fired missiles at Poland

If you now declare war on Putin under Article 5, he will immediately propose a negotiation process. But now he will negotiate with the first persons of NATO.

On November 15, an explosion thundered in Poland. Two rockets hit the village of Przewodów, located 10 km from the border with Ukraine. As a result, two people died. Several Polish journalists said that the fragments of the missiles that fell on the territory of Poland are very similar to the Kh-101 missile.

“The X-101 missile is an air-to-ground medium-range missile up to 5,500 km. And what is most interesting, this missile is highly accurate; it has a circular deviation from the calculated aiming point of 20-30 meters. But not 6-7 km, when the rocket flew into the territory of Poland,” the expert explained.

According to Zhdanov, the air defense of Poland did not work, and the radar did not notice the missile either – because it is a cruise missile, and it came at a minimum altitude according to a predetermined programme.

The missile attack on Poland was a deliberate strike; its purpose was to raise rates by the aggressor country of the Russian Federation. This opinion was voiced by a military expert, reserve colonel Oleg Zhdanov.

“When a hundred missiles are being programmed, one can be programmed “incorrectly.” After all, the missile flew interestingly – between Lutsk and Lviv, flew over the border in the direction of Lublin. This is not a mistake. “they made a mistake in the coordinates. And so, no, it was a targeted strike on the territory of Poland,” Zhdanov believes.

According to him, Vladimir Putin is losing the war to Ukraine, so “he chose a simple solution – a touchstone, a blow to a NATO country.” The missile attack hit Poland, but the Baltic countries could have been in its place.

“And now an interesting situation is emerging – Putin puts NATO in a pose: either the Alliance will respond or swallow it. If it swallows, then Putin will strike again, and not necessarily on Poland. He will understand that NATO is weaklings. If NATO applies Article 5 of the Charter NATO, it will be another matter. So, if you now declare war on Putin under Article 5, he will immediately propose a negotiation process. Only now he will negotiate with Biden, Macron, and Scholz, that is, the top officials of NATO,” Zhdanov explained .

“Here’s the point – Putin is going to raise the stakes. He can afford to lose to NATO, but not to Ukraine,” he added.

On November 15, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called an urgent meeting of the Committee of the Council of Ministers on National Security and Defense of the country.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the Russian missile attack on Poland and said that all this provokes a significant escalation, it is necessary to respond immediately. Zelensky urged “to put a terrorist in his place.”

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