Oleg Zhdanov: Russia has a bottomless supply of ammunition, but big problems with missiles

Today, the production of Kalibr missile is practically stopped.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about the Russian Federation’s capabilities in producing missiles and shells. He expressed his opinion on YouTube.

Zhdanov believes that Russia is not experiencing problems with the production of ammunition.

“They have an enterprise that produces almost all types of ammunition. As far as I understand, this enterprise does not operate at full capacity due to sanctions. Because the production of a projectile requires an explosive, metallurgy is needed, which will cast steel and make blanks, they need to be machined, and then equip them with the appropriate elements. The fuses can contain imported components, and Russia can produce everything else on its own,” he said.

Due to the economy’s fall, production volumes at this plant do not correspond to industrial ones, the expert notes.

“They are not in a hurry to increase them, because their stock of ready-made ammunition is practically bottomless. They can safely use everything that the Soviet Union has accumulated over the years,” Zhdanov said.

Kalibr missile

At the same time, the Russian Federation is experiencing serious problems with the production of missiles.

“All the missiles of the Russian Federation have imported components. If no loophole exists to circumvent sanctions, the company stops and cannot produce missiles. Earlier it was said in the press that Russia, even in the pre-war period, could produce up to one Kalibr per month. There were imported components. Today, the production of Kalibr is practically stopped,” the expert said.

According to him, Russia can only produce the body of this missile on its own.