Oleg Zhdanov: Russia recruits Turkmens in Afghanistan and promises to marry girls

Oleg Zhdanov questioned the effectiveness of mobilization in the Russian Federation.

Russia is luring ethnic Turkmen living in Afghanistan to war against Ukraine.

This was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, quoting one of his subscribers.

“Russia is recruiting ethnic Turkmenы in Afghanistan. As a reward, they promise to give the recruits houses, cars, plots of land, and even women. He can choose any woman/girl to become his wife, or rather, they will help him get married. All documents will be done. This is how Russian recruiters promise ethnic Turkmenы living in Afghanistan. Soon recruited effigies will be brought from Pakistan, India, Africa,” Zhdanov read out a comment from his subscriber.

Then the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine questioned the effectiveness of mobilization in Russia.

“So this is what happens: mobilization will not help win the war or even stabilize the front? You are gaining cannon fodder in other countries. Therefore, we need to raise the issue so that our allies recognize Russia as a terrorist state,” the expert added.

  • As reported, the Kremlin began illegally involving its prisoners in the war against Ukraine after a resounding defeat near Kharkiv.
  • As of early October, ex-prisoners make up more than half of the 8,000 militants of the Wagner private military company. It is known that the “Wagnerites” have already shot more than 40 recruited prisoners – they punished those who tried to flee towards the Ukrainian troops.
  • Ukrainian intelligence explains the recruitment of prisoners in Russia by the lack of those willing to fight against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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