Oleg Zhdanov: the hot phase of the war has not yet ended

According to Oleg Zhdanov, Ukraine’s victory maybe next spring, but subject to the supply of large volumes of weapons by the West.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine could drive the Russian occupiers out of Ukraine before the end of the year, but due to the lack of a large number of weapons, the victory is postponed until next year.

“The attacks of the Iranian Shahed 136 drones on Ukraine have stopped because their supply has been exhausted. But if it is possible to establish their production in Russia, the new batch will be ready in January or February. In the same period, the second wave of mobilization is expected in the Russian Federation, but instead of profit, it may completely “bury” the equipment system of the occupier’s army.”

This opinion was voiced by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in an interview with OBOZREVATEL. He stressed that the Ukrainian army lacks long-range missiles.

“We knocked out the entire officer corps of the Russian armed forces. Who will conduct classes with them, and who will teach them? The cadets whom they send to officers with accelerated graduations and throw them to the front? This is delusional. And if now the Military Commissariat and the Russian Guard continue to capture conscripts and stuff them into the same tents at the training grounds, the winter turned out to be not quite warm. Cold and hungry riots will begin there.

The fact is that the Russian mobilization system is capable of issuing a draft of 120,000 twice a year. They capture conscripts within a month or two; another month is spent on assembly and distribution to units. And that is all the system is capable of. Now they have scored 240 thousand instead of 300 thousand. 120 of them are still sitting in tents at landfills and are constantly rioting about the fact that they have poor supplies, no one conducts classes, etc.”

“The only thing that can reach deep into Russia is missile weapons. But so far they don’t even want to give us operational-tactical missiles for 300 kilometers. even if we receive support in words, we will not be able to strike physically due to the lack of such weapons,” the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

According to Zhdanov, the victory of Ukraine maybe next spring, but subject to the supply of large volumes of weapons by the West. Realities will depend on the military support of Ukraine by partners.

“We had a chance to end the hot phase of the war before the end of this year, but we were not provided with weapons. And now we are postponing this chance for another six months, to the summer of 2023. If they give us weapons, everything will be in order. If they don’t, there will be a positional war again to exhaustion, and on both sides,” the expert added.

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