Oleg Zhdanov: what will be the second year of the war in Ukraine

During the second year of the war against Ukraine, the terrorist country Russia plans to act this winter: to drive as many “mobilized” as possible to the front and try to advance with the minimum amount of equipment. However, it is already clear that the occupying army will face big problems. Yes, missile forces and artillery are beginning to “inflate” – the Russian military-industrial complex’s capabilities are simply unable to meet the needs of Putin’s army, so missile attacks on Ukraine will inevitably decrease.

It will be possible to mobilize a million servicemen in Russia no earlier than in a year. This is with the limited capabilities of the Russian mobilization system. In the near future, the disarmament of the Russian group in Transnistria may become relevant, and Ukraine can help Moldova in this. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov expressed this opinion in an interview with Obozrevatel.

According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to throw “cannon fodder” into battles with a minimum amount of necessary equipment for fighting.

“In general, Russia has a mobilization reserve of about 15 million, so a million more, a million less – this is not a problem for Russia. But, in my opinion, they can mobilize this million for at least a year, and maybe more. Because the mobilization system in Russia today can accept and process at most 150,000 in one wave, then this wave needs to go somewhere and only then start the next one.

This is how they now mobilized 300,000 people who joined the regular army and are fighting in Ukraine today.”

In addition, Zhdanov predicts Russia will try to conduct offensive operations. But this will last until the Ukrainian defenders increase the number of weapons and launch a counteroffensive.

The Prime Minister of Moldova confirmed intelligence reports that Russia is preparing to seize the airport in Chisinau. Oleg Zhdanov expressed his opinion about the Russian Federation’s plans to seize Moldova and Transnistria.

“I think that it is impossible. There is no point in seizing the airport in Chisinau, because the territory of Transnistria is located in an enclave. Through our airspace, they will not enter there with planes, we will shoot them down, and they will not enter through Romania either – Romania will also shoot them down. And Moldova itself has no access to open international space.

That’s why it’s pointless – it’s the first thing. Secondly, Russia does not have a sufficient contingent in Transnistria to carry out such a task. There needs to be a capture with a simultaneous landing, then it will be successful.

Of course, Moldova is afraid, but there may also be a political game here. The Prime Minister of Moldova is now trying to shake up the situation around Transnistria to gain international support and approval for a forceful solution to the demilitarization of this territory. If they disarm the Russians, that’s it. Next, the political process of returning these territories to the control of the Moldovan government can begin.

And I will even assume that Ukraine can provide force support in solving the issue of demilitarization of Transnistria at the request of Moldova.”

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