Oleg Zhdanov: when the Russian Federation reaches the peak of its combat capabilities

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov commented on whether we should expect significant successes from the occupiers at the front shortly, given the Kremlin’s desperate attempts to seize the entire Donbas. He said this on his youtube channel.

Zhdanov claims that 300,000 occupiers, which the Russian Federation kept as a reserve and trained at its training grounds, are already in Ukraine.

“Not even 300 – more. We expect 400,000 invaders will be in Ukraine by the end of February and the beginning of March. But that’s all. There are still about 200,000 conscripts of the Russian Armed Forces, but so far, they are not being driven here. In addition, these conscripts are now pulling on themselves all the support of Russian military units: loading equipment, its escort from storage sites to repair sites, etc.,” the expert says.

In his opinion, the Russians have already collected everything they could. However, he admits that the number of enemy attacks on the front can indeed be increased. Zhdanov assumes that in March, the Russian Federation will reach the peak of its combat capabilities.

“Today’s 400,000 invaders on our territory are fundamentally different from those 150,000 in the summer. It was much more difficult to fight in the summer, because it was a regular army. Today, they are mobilized, and their level of training is much lower. So far, they will win only by their numbers. Perhaps Putin will recruit another 300,000 by mid-summer if he decides to announce mobilization,” he summed up.

It should be noted that not all experts share Zhdanov’s opinion that the Russian Federation has used almost all reserves in Ukraine.

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