Oleg Zhdanov: when Ukraine will receive American fighters

Oleg Zhdanov noted that even the retraining of pilots takes a long time.

Ukraine will receive F-15 Eagle fighters. This will happen after our pilots have been properly trained.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov suggests that the first aircraft may enter service with Ukrainian aviation in the summer of 2023. He pointed out that this is due to the nuances of training.

“The fact is that, yes, pilots are being trained, but this is a perspective, and from the official part I can state for sure that since October 1, when the new financial year in the United States came into force, 100 million have been allocated in the American budget for the training of our pilots. Pilot training If we are talking about a military school cadet, then this is about three years. The first course is theoretical knowledge. Starting from the second year, they begin training flights, and the 3-4th course is already flying more on combat aircraft. We believe that in 4 years we train a pilot, but this is a pilot with primary piloting skills. If we take a trained pilot, then the period of retraining him for another type of aircraft or for another machine can take from six months to a year,” the expert explained.

F-15 Eagle

At the same time, he assured that Ukraine would receive fighter jets along with pilots.

“The first conversations began somewhere in June about the training of our pilots abroad, then somewhere in December-January, the first pilots should appear. If the course is designed for 11 months or for a year, then next summer we will see our pilots You can be sure that as soon as the pilots are ready, the question of the appearance of the aircraft will immediately arise and they will appear in Ukraine already in our war paint, with our tactical signs on board, with three teeth on the wings “, Zhdanov pointed out.

At the same time, he clarified that it is not yet clear how the issue of aircraft financing will be resolved.

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