Oleg Zhdanov: why the West is slow to provide military assistance to Ukraine

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that the West is slow to help Ukraine because it wants to weaken the Russian Federation so much that Putin is thrown out of the Kremlin, and the new leadership agrees to all the conditions of Kyiv.

“There is a delay for one simple reason: Putin is allowed to draw all the military potential out of Russia, which is going ahead with a big start. When the entire military potential is pulled out of the Russian Federation, that is, when it cannot form reserves and put up active units and subunits for combat operations, then a military collapse will come, which will entail a political collapse. The new authorities replacing Putin will most likely remove him from power. Further, the country simply cannot exist if they still want to control the situation or are able to control the situation so that Russia does not fall apart. The West is very afraid of this. Here are the new authorities, realizing that the country’s military potential is zero, it is all exhausted, the army is defeated, they will naturally agree to all the conditions of the West,” he said on the air.

Zhdanov is sure that among the ultimatums for the surrender of the Russian Federation will be the transfer of the nuclear arsenal under international control.

“And that’s it, and then you can already talk with Russia as a country of the” third world “. That’s why they are pulling and giving odds to the Russian Federation. New relations in the world, that is, a new world order, is being created today, so they are in no hurry, because they are not fighting in this war,” the expert said.

According to him, the partners said that now there should be a reasonably large increase in terms of the transfer of weapons.

“If Putin really puts up a 200,000-strong group in March-April, it will have to be fed with something, and given that it will be large, then it will be necessary to smash it with a good iron and good weapons. We will wait for the next one, collect a third or will not collect; if he does not collect the third – that’s it, the active phase of the war is over. Next comes the finishing off of the remnants of the Russian army and the signing of the ultimatum of the surrender of the Russian Federation. If he collects the third wave, then he will have to smash the third wave. Hence the forecasts that the war may end not in the summer, but in the autumn of this year,” Zhdanov added.

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