Olexandr Kubrakov meets with Kristina Kvien

Minister of Infrastructure Olexandr Kubrakov met with the Chargé d’Affaires of the United States of Ukraine a.i. Kristina Kvien and representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

“First of all, the words of gratitude for the systematic support of Ukraine in the field of armaments, financial assistance, support of sanctioned work were considered. Currently, our main task is to support and develop joint logistics projects, raise funds for the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. The United States is a reliable friend of Ukraine in the struggle for a free future,” said Infrastructure Minister Olexandr Kubrakov.

The parties discussed ways to resolve the fuel crisis caused by russia’s shelling of energy and transport infrastructure.

Olexandr Kubrakov dwelled on the fact that the Ministry of Infrastructure has already agreed with Poland on the illegal movement of fuel carriers, and in cooperation with the United States is ready to continue working to improve the efficiency of road and rail checkpoints on Ukraine’s western borders.

In addition, the issue of developing new ways to export grain to foreign markets, where the lack of Ukrainian agricultural products is already creating a food crisis, was discussed.

In this context, special attention was paid to the unblocking of ports in the Odessa region and the involvement of the UN in a systematic solution to this problem.

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