Online platform COVID-9

An online platform for the fight against coronavirus infection was created in Odessa region

In Odessa region, an online platform containing materials on coronavirus (COVID -2019) was prepared at the Odessa Public Health Center. The materials are divided into different thematic groups, namely:

  • printed;
  • videos;
  • illustrative materials.

Portal data is also distributed to target audiences:

For the public – https: //healthcenter.od.ua/coronavirus/gromadskost …
https: //healthcenter.od.ua/coronavirus/operatyvnyj … for general COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

You can also find information on monitoring the situation of the number of hospitalized persons with suspected and confirmed cases of the disease by following the link.

For doctors – https://healthcenter.od.ua/coronavirus/likaryam/, which contains information on clinical guidelines, regulatory frameworks, videos for health care professionals.

For local governments –

https://healthcenter.od.ua/coronavirus/rekomendacziyi-dlya-organiv-misczevogo-samovryaduvannya-covid-19/, provides information on recommendations for local governments that have been elaborated by the National Health Service of Ukraine.

For the media –https: //healthcenter.od.ua/coronavirus/, which gathers all the online information for distribution and use.

Take care of both physical and mental health. Only use evidential and verifiable information.