Exhibition of a legendary couple of illustrators in the Odessa Fine Art Museum

On February 11, at 15:00, opening of the exhibition “Wild honey of Leonid Pervomaisky” of Vladimir Melnichenko and Ada Rybachuk at the Odessa Fine Art Museum. It will display illustrations which the two artists used to sign together.

Vladimir Melnichenko and Ada Rybachuk began their joint creative and life path back in the mid-1950s. They signed their works with the initials ARVM, and it was under this abbreviation that they entered the history of the Kiev art scene.

For more than half a century, the artists worked together until their journey was interrupted by the death of Ada Rybachuk in 2010. But the history of the ARVM did not end there: in 2018, a fragment of the Wall of Memory at the Baikovo cemetery was restored – their most famous work, after 13 years of creation, destroyed in 1981 by order of Soviet officials.

A still from the movie “Rustle of Steps” And in 2019, the documentary “Rustle of Steps” was released, dedicated to the couple and their work.

The exhibition in the Odessa Fine Art Museum will feature several dozen illustrations created in 1965 for the novel “Wild Honey” by Leonid Pervomaisky. The novel described the events of World War II, and the film based on it became a box office hit two years later. The images found during the work on the illustrations were then used by ARVM in the following works, including in sketches for the reliefs of the Wall of Memory.

In 2020, Vladimir Melnichenko donated illustrations to the Odessa Fine Art Museum. They waited until the end of the lockdown to present them at a new exhibition: now Odessans will be able to touch one of the most incredible Ukrainian stories of creativity and love.

The opening will take place at 15:00 on February 11. On the opening day, admission to the exhibition is free. But due to quarantine restrictions, no more than 10 people can be present in one room. On the following days – entrance by ticket 100/50 UAH.

Source and pictures: CULTUREMETER

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