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Main Culture Opening of the long-awaited "Handgemenge" project


Opening of the long-awaited "Handgemenge" project

Opening of the long-awaited "Handgemenge" project

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"Bavarian House Odessa" and creative space Dialogues with the support of Goethe-Institut Ukraine invite artists and art lovers to take part in the new project with German artist Peter Feiler and art curator Igor Zaidel.

"Handgemenge" opening will be held on 24.07.21 at 16:00 in the Creative Space "Dialogues" (Soborna Square, 2). The exhibition will run until 06.08.21. Artist: Peter Feiler Curator: Igor Zaidel. General partners of the project - Bavarian House Odessa and Goethe Institute.

For those unfamiliar with German visual culture and history, Peter's work is like the clip "Deutschland" by the Ramstein group, where modernity intersects with the Middle Ages, and the executioners and their victims change places: "Deutschland, dein Atem kalt So jung, und doch so alt". Despite his relative youth, and in the Federal Republic of Germany an artist under 50 is considered young, Feiler is a virtuoso master of the brush.

At first glance, his paintings seem cruel, but when talking with the author, you understand that he is a deeply humanistic person, very concerned about the fate of the world, the cruelty reigning in it, and with his works he tries to draw our attention to those problems that we often close our eyes to wanting to step out of your comfort zone.

At first glance, his works may shock the viewer slightly, but they do not have a bitter aftertaste, on the contrary, after leaving the exhibition, the viewer returns to everyday life with high spirits: Still, everything is not so bad today, compared to how it can be in worlds of Peter Feiler.

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Peter was educated at the Berlin University of the Arts, beginning his studies in the class of neo-expressionist Professor Wolfgang Petrick. His works seem to read quotations and alliterations of German and Dutch masters of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

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Peter works both in graphics and painting. His works are presented in galleries and museums in Germany and Holland. It is safe to say that he is a bright and modern successor of the traditional North German school of painting. The exhibition will feature works by Peter from different years of release, so that viewers can get acquainted with his work in temporary development.

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Igor Zaidel was born in the previous millennium in a country that is no longer on the map. He spent the most delicious youthful years in Paris, and in 1991 he moved to Berlin where he still lives. He was a member of the legendary hood squats on Furmann in Moscow and on Fabienne Colonel in Paris.

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In 2000, he graduated to study design at the Berlin University of the Arts and, without leaving his artistic career, managed to work from a layout designer to an art editor. For the last 8 years he has been working as a curator for organizing art projects, gallery owner, fundraiser and artist, is an EU certified fundraiser and project manager.

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Peter Feiler at work in the Creative Space "Dialogues"
Photo: "Dialogues" Facebook page

In addition you'll have a possibility to attend the following lectures:

Lecture 1. Igor Zaidel. 31.07 - 15-00

EU policy and grant systems, chances for applicants from Ukraine. The lecture will tell about the basic principles of socio-cultural and political structure in the EU, on the example of Germany and what prospects are open to grant applicants from Ukraine in these conditions. The lecture is aimed at workers in the creative industries. From makers to managers. Duration - about 2 hours.

Lecture 2. Igor Zaidel. 01.08 - 15-00

Gallery landscape in the EU and alternative ways to monetize art in the EU. The lecture will reveal the basic principles of the structure of the work of public and private galleries. Systems and methods of pricing in visual arts. Ways to monetize creative industries outside of galleries. Duration is about 2 hours.

Dialogue class: 04.08 - 15-00

Discussion of possible project proposals, finished projects, answers to questions, direct, participatory communication with participants. Duration - about 2 hours.

Peter Feiler, master class in drawing with charcoal, sanguine and ink. 31.07 - 18-00

Peter will demonstrate his virtuoso techniques on paper. Duration is about 2 hours. The topic of the master class will be certain content, the materials are very different: coal and ink plus sanguine. The technique requires the format and swing of the hand, the sanguine is closer to him, but softer and fatter. While coal: dry, brittle and rough, these are the most ancient materials that man draws on.

Peter Feiler. Drawing master class: from idea to implementation, then discussion of finished works with Peter Feiler. 01.08 - 18-00

A participative lesson with Peter, includes reminiscences from art history, their visualization and interaction in the modern media and Internet landscape. Duration is about 2 hours.

In this master class, Peter, using his work and techniques as an example, will show the participants how, using visual techniques, reflections, citations, participants can change a visual message or make it ambiguous.

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