Operational information on 28.02.2022

The Russian occupiers have slowed down the offensive but are still trying to succeed in some areas in the offensive against Ukraine.

During the air offensive, the enemy continued to inflict fire on military and civilian airfields, military control points (forces), air defense facilities, important critical infrastructure, settlements, and units in defense areas.

In violation of International Humanitarian Law norms, the occupiers insidiously launched a missile strike on residential buildings in the cities of Zhytomyr and Chernihiv.

At the same time, all attempts by the Russian invaders to achieve the goal of the military operation failed.

It is possible to successfully repel the attacks of battalion-tactical groups on the approaches, forcing the enemy to abandon the offensive.

As of today, the artillery fire of only one of the Ukrainian brigades destroyed more than five columns of enemy equipment and the enemy manpower.

The enemy is demoralized and bears heavy losses. Frequent cases of desertion and disobedience were noted. The enemy realized that propaganda and reality were different. The occupiers are afraid of us.
Defenders of Ukraine continue to maintain a stable defense.

Glory to Ukraine!

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