Orban: Financial aid to Ukraine from the European Union is a wrong solution

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that much of Europe is already at war because it sends money and weapons to Ukraine or trains Ukrainian soldiers.

He stated this at a press conference on Wednesday, December 21, reports novinky.cz.

According to Orban, from this point of view, Hungary is not at war since it only provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

“We are in favor of a ceasefire and the immediate start of peace negotiations,” the head of the Hungarian government said.

Orban rejected the notion that Ukrainians were also fighting for Hungary.

“Ukrainians are fighting for their country, and I must say very heroically. Hungary’s security is ensured by its membership in NATO. From this point of view, the war’s outcome does not affect the security of Hungary,” stated the Prime Minister of Hungary.

The Hungarian Prime Minister described joint financial aid to Ukraine from the European Union as a wrong solution. “A good solution would be if everyone contributed to Ukraine from their state budget,” added Orbán.

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