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Main Diplomacy — Pancakes, Slavic rituals and the Black Sea: The Butter Lady 2021


Pancakes, Slavic rituals and the Black Sea: The Butter Lady 2021

05 Mar, 2021
Pancakes, Slavic rituals and the Black Sea: The Butter Lady 2021

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The tradition of Butter Lady or Maslenitsa dates back to pagan times, when Slavic folk would bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. "Prichal No. 1" invites everyone to the celebrate the Maslenitsa together at the seaside.

In 2021, the Butter Lady (Maslenitsa, Butter Week, Crepe week) Celebration will start on International Women's Day at the March 8. The holiday will last seven days. After that, since March 15, Great Lent will begin and it will end with Easter (Resurrection of Christ). According to archeological evidence from 2nd century A.D. Maslenitsa may be the oldest surviving Slavic holiday today which has retained a number of elements of Slavic mythology in its ritual.

The pancake is the main symbol of the holidays. It personifies the sun. It has long been believed that by treating themselves with pancakes, a person will receive a piece of solar warmth and light. In old days pancakes were cooked from buckwheat flour, lending them a red colour, making the significance even more evident.

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The organisers of Butter Lady Celebration at Prichal #1 restaurant assured that nothing makes people happy like a simple folk holiday, made from the heart and with the thought of people!

A holiday where everyone could forget about the problems. A holiday that everyone can afford. A holiday where neither title, nor income matters.

Prichal #1
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For start the organisers suggest you to warm up with an excellent Ukha - a traditional fish soup, made from various types of Black Sea fish in a huge cauldron. Connoisseurs of gastronomy will pay attention to pilaf, kebabs, pastries and salty fritters.

A real paradise awaits for the pancake lovers. In the menu:

  • Pancakes with meat.
  • Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms.
  • Pancakes with cottage cheese.
  • Pancakes with sweet condensed milk.
  • Pancakes with honey.
  • Pancakes with jam.
  • Pancakes with smetana cream.
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It is a stormy Black Sea, fresh spring air, cheerful Balkan music, the smell of fried meat, the aroma of mulled wine and dances.

Prichal #1

A real field kitchen unfolds on the spacious deck: huge braziers and cauldrons, preparing kebabs and soup, tea is on fire in the Pan-samovar, to which the ruddy Solokha offers lollipops and bagels; in curvy, like a girl's shape, bottles beckoning a horseradish vodka; a cheerful Cossack wraps golden pancakes with a wide variety of fillings.

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Everyone is making photos, dancing and singing. At the end of the fair all the people gather on the sand near the sea to watch a magical performance - the burning of a straw stuffed creature, which symbolizes winter, cold, disease and other troubles.

This year, the organisers paid a lot of attention to the safety of each guest and employee. Prichal #1 and "Uncle Chao" restaurants adhere to all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organisation to prevent the spread of this virus.

You can say "farewell" to the winter and meet the spring on March 14 from 12 am to 6 pm on the beach "Prichal #1" and "Uncle Chao" restaurants.

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All the photos: Butter Lady Fair at Prichal#1 in 2020

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