“Party during the war”: in Odessa, a nightclub, after a scandal, will transfer funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The noisy party caused outrage among the people.

In Odessa, a nightclub, after a scandal over a noisy party, will transfer funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian needs.

According to the speaker of the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Serhiy Bratchuk, the event and the behavior of the staff and visitors of one of the recreation centers in Odessa, the M1 Club -hotel, caused a certain resonance in Ukrainian society.

“I’ll note right away that no one is allowed to violate the curfew and the rules of the operation of these establishments … I am happy to report that the club staff and visitors understood that they violated these rules and therefore apologize and unanimously decided to provide appropriate financial assistance to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, Bratchuk said.

On September 4, a video from a party in the famous M1 Club, located in the resort area, appeared on the social network. In the video, a lot of people were having fun with loud music. Social media users condemned this and wrote that now “there is a war and people are dying, but here there is dancing and fun.”

Today, the administration of the club announced that yesterday “a charity event Svitlo of Ukraine was held by the organizers of SVET, which was held as part of a European tour in support of Ukraine.” It is noted that the collected amount will be transferred to humanitarian aid and the evacuation of people from the occupied territories.

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