Passports are taken from the Belarusian security forces for fear of desertion

Standard passports began to be taken from the employees of the security forces of Belarus. They receive biometric passports, in addition to which an ID card is issued. An ID card is sufficient for any operations within the country. At the same time, it is impossible to travel abroad or get a visa without a passport, Nasha Niva writes.

According to journalists, police officers (mostly officers) undertake to submit new passports to the chief.

“Prior to this, the special services went through the same thing now the processes are going to the police, and then, probably, it will be the military’s turn. Now, to go abroad, you need to write a report both for departure and for obtaining a passport,” said one of the officers.

“All this is explained by concern for employees. They said we are not enslaving you, we are protecting you fools from stupid things: you will go somewhere, and you will be captured, tortured, recruited, imprisoned there. So be grateful,” he added.

The publication notes that many senior officers have left Belarus over the past two years and joined the democratic movement.

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