Perfect home-like cakes & slow breakfast right here, right now…

Perfect home-like cakes & slow breakfast right here, right now… An adventure to the new cafe with “enjoying the moment” concept.

Odessa is a stunning city on the Black Sea coast with many cafes, bars, pubs, coffee shops, pastry shops and restaurants. Here you can perfectly relax with friends, a loved ones, with your family, have a hearty meal and try original drinks. Today we will tell you about a recently opened place for a great breakfast or business lunch in the city center.

The autumn turned out to be a surprisingly brilliant time for “Here & Now” cafe – in the middle of Bunina street. As the neighbourhood buzzed with people now working from home, the arrival of a coffee shop with a worthy menu was a welcome addition to the food scene here. Feel like having a cake or looking for a place that serves a nourishing breakfast? Visit  “Here & Now”.

The cafe opens its doors at 8:30 a.m. every day what makes it perfect for having an early breakfast with a cup of specialty coffee while spotting a waking up Odessa from the window. The staff are meticulously trained in the different tasting notes of the beans, so they can help you find your perfect cup of coffee. The coffee itself is a ritual, produced with the sort of care that means you’ll never be served a bad cup.

The concept of “enjoying the moment” is reflected not only in the name of the place, but also in its products – all breakfasts are freshly-cooked from the natural ingredients right in front of you in the best traditions of slow-food. In the context of its breakfast menu, it would be easier to just list off the following dishes. Omelet with shrimp and parmesan, fried eggs with sumac and pomegranate seeds, bagels with turkey and avocado, a collection of French open-faced pies with chicken and tomatoes, with shrimps and cream cheese, with spinach and feta. And also the obligatory and so beloved by the inhabitants of Odessa cheese pancakes and pancakes.

However, the fans of the late breakfasts are also welcomed, since the place serves them until 4 p.m. Brunch can be as posh as you like it. Keep it simple with Ceasar Salad with salmon, shrimps or turkey, opt for the signture full “Here & Now” breakfast, or go all out and order a selection of desserts instead.

Apart from the breakfasts, all desserts from the menu are daily delivered from the in-house bakery. Many of the offered sweets are cooked according to family recipes developed by grandma of the owner. For instance, mouth-watering eclairs, cheesecakes, cookies or tiramisu.  

Another special feature of the cafe is their authentique warm drinks. The one who would like to try something different from the usual coffee- tea menu can choose among Oreo Cocoa, non-alcoholic punch or mulled wine, Americano Orange, Cocoa with chocolate ball and marshmallow or a signature nut latte.

Grab a coffee with a cookie or your favorite dessert and go explore the city right here, right now.

Address: Bunina street 28. Opening hours: 8:30-21:30


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