Petro Chernyk: Shoigu vs. Prigozhin. How the internal conflict will end for the Kremlin

Military expert Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Chernyk said that there is an internal conflict in the Kremlin.

“Prigozhin is no longer just Putin’s cook, he is already a fairly large political unit. Prigozhin is actually running a personal army. The fact that the Kremlin has long been fighting for leverage, which is now entering a new turnover phase, is evidence that Shoigu “He also began to create his own separate army. Sooner or later, these poisonous spiders will devour each other, and one of the towers will die. Because it cannot be that no one is to blame for losing the war,” Chernyk explained to Espresso.

“The only question is when the war will logically end. In the Russian Federation, a change of power from below is impossible, that is, some kind of civil putsch. If a riot is possible, then only under the strict control of one of the towers. The only question is which tower will do it first. But Putin still keeps a balance between the towers,” the expert added.

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