Petro Chernyk: What to expect from Russia on February 24

It is likely that Russia is preparing another massive missile attack before February 24, military expert Petro Chernyk said on the Kyiv TV channel.

According to him, now we are talking about the accumulation of missile resources by the Russians. Moreover, Chernyk admits provocations from Russian agents in Ukraine and other European countries.

“You can expect anything from them. Let’s not forget that they have a fairly developed network of agents … Some kind of sabotage acts on Europe and our territory can occur. Plus, we do not exclude the strategic non-nuclear missile potential. The last salvo at 71 a missile is quite a lot. And they can, and, most likely, accumulate a new missile resource. In my opinion, there will definitely be another missile attack by February 24,” Chernyk said.

However, the expert stressed, “the Russians cannot offer anything too special”: “The question is what they will strike at. Perhaps they will change the “philosophy” of strikes from energy infrastructure, say, to transport infrastructure.”

Natalya Humenyuk, the spokeswoman for Operational Command “South”, admitted that the Russian army could launch a new missile attack on Ukraine on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine – February 24. The point is not only in the love of the Russians for symbolic dates but also in the average interval between attacks, Humenyuk emphasized.

The last massive launch of cruise missiles and Iranian UAVs was carried out by Russia on February 10.

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