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Main Culture — Piano Light Show a new dimension of visual reality of musical classics


Piano Light Show a new dimension of visual reality of musical classics

06 Oct, 2021
Piano Light Show a new dimension of visual reality of musical classics

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On October 10, a charity concert PIANO LIGHT SHOW will take place in the Odessa Regional Philharmonic. Featuring People's Artist of Ukraine Alexey Botvinov (piano), chief conductor and artistic director of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra Michael Guttman (violin), and VJ Videomatics (video art).

PIANO LIGHT SHOW is a charity concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the construction holding ZARS. The pianist, founder, and president of the Odessa Classics international festival Alexey Botvinov was responsible for the preparation of the evening's musical programme.

As part of the show, Alexey Botvinov, Michael Guttman (Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra) and VJ Videomatics will provide the viewer with a new audiovisual experience.

The world-famous pianist Alexey Botvinov was the first in Ukraine to experiment with the visualization of classics and created a creative author's concept, which combines a virtuoso performance of classical musical masterpieces and a powerful visual solution - a new format with new meanings. And he masterfully brought it to life: for over 10 years, Aleksey Botvinov, in collaboration with the Kyiv video artist VJ Videomatics, has been creating musical and artistic projects in the synthesis of classics and video art. During this time, dozens of concerts were held with invariable success among the public in the best concert halls of the country and in such iconic open-air spaces as Sofiyskaya Square in Kyiv, Potemkin Stairs and Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace in Odessa, etc. Each concert was the next step in understanding the possibilities of modern multimedia technologies and the depth of penetration into the visual reality of music.

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The unique multimedia project PIANO LIGHT SHOW brings the synthesis of video and classical music to a new quality level. PIANO LIGHT SHOW was first presented to a wide audience on May 23, 2019 at the main concert hall in Switzerland - Zurich Tonhalle.

For the premiere of the project, the legendary piano manufacturer KAWAI specially created a modification of the flagship model of the large concert grand piano of the elite Shigeru Kawai series. The white grand piano was delivered to Zurich from Dusseldorf for the only concert by Alexey Botvinov. The project was a huge success - video mapping on a white grand piano with the creative know-how of VJ Videomatics and Alexey Botvinov made it possible to create stunning visual and emotional effects. And the unsurpassed playing of the famous pianist charmed the audience - everyone was delighted.

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In the 2019-2020 season, the project premiered in Ukraine, Germany and Lithuania. And for the Odessa premiere, a large white concert grand piano with the parameters necessary for the implementation of the project was created in Ukraine.

Programme: Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Port, Rachmaninoff, Glass, Richter, Piazzolla.

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All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Monster Corporation Chariy Foundation, which provides quick medical, social and humanitarian assistance to children and the elderly in Odessa and the Odessa region, and provides medical institutions with medical supplies and equipment.

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