Andrey Piontkovsky: The fear on the victory of Ukraine . About Putin’s Dangerous Coalition in the West

Now is a moment of testing for the whole world, and each country must make its own choice.

In his last speech, many, including the President of Ukraine, quite rightly drew parallels between the current situation around Ukraine and how the collective West went to appease Hitler in 1938. But let’s share it.

Yes, France, Germany, Italy, I’m not afraid of this word, simply betrayed Ukraine, imposing a peace agreement on behalf of Putin, which consolidates new territorial seizures of the Russian Federation. After all, what they propose (the Italian plan, it is completely official) is literally said there: the first is a ceasefire, and the second is bilateral negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on disputed territorial issues. That is, according to these states, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, and not only Crimea and Donbass, are not the territory of Ukraine but “disputed territorial issues” that need to be discussed with the Russian Federation.

This policy, in my opinion, is caused by the fear of the possibility of Ukraine’s victory. Because the victory of Ukraine, the elimination of the consequences of Russian aggression will drastically change the international situation and create a new security system in Europe, where France and Germany will lose their current importance as such intermediaries of the West in relations with the Kremlin, with Putin’s Russia. And they really want to keep this privileged position. Therefore, now a coalition of Putin, Macron, Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has actually formed, whose programme is to consolidate on paper an even wider seizure of Ukrainian territories.

Each country must make its own choice

Andrey Piontkovsky

This is very bad news. But there is good news. The United States, Great Britain and Poland clearly do not belong to this coalition of large Western states. And the fate of the war depends on arms assistance, primarily from Great Britain and the United States. There is no point in hoping for Germany. They are just bullying. The maximum that is offered somewhere in the middle of July is a few Flakpanzer Gepard, for which, it turns out, there is no ammunition.

Everything will be decided on the intensity of US supplies. At the highest political level, support for Ukraine is very strongly articulated by all the leaders of the American administration – Biden, Austin and Blinken. But Ukraine expresses disappointment with the pace of this supply. Yes, there are howitzers, but there are not enough multiple launch rocket systems today, which makes it difficult to withstand a firefight with Russian troops.

In every war there are tough moments. We are all confident in the victory of Ukraine. Today, Ukraine is often compared to England in 1940, which fought Hitler one on one. So Ukraine, in fact, is fighting one on one with Putin’s Russia.

Well, there are challenging times. Now is the moment of testing for the whole world. And many countries repeat this. That’s precisely how the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Eduard Heger, expressed this idea at the forum in Davos. He said: if Ukraine does not resist, then tomorrow Bucha will be with us, in Slovakia. Everyone in Europe understands this, but the rulers of France and Germany do not want to understand this. The French probably think that in the event of the victory of Russian fascism in Europe, yes, new Buchi will be in Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Paris would remain as magnificent as in 1941-42. And Russian, Buryat, and Chechen officers will go to Paris on vacation, enjoy a croissant and visit Parisian brothels.

This is how the issue stands today in Europe, and each country must make its own choice.

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