Plan for a new ice palace near Odessa

The European Solidarity (EU) party in the Council of Tairovo village, in the southern suburbs of Odessa, issued a proposal for the construction of a universal ice arena for 1,500 seats.

The proposal is to build a sports complex with an area of ​​1800 sq.m, which will include a skating rink, a sports ice arena and a platform for holding public events – concerts, competitions.

The corresponding appeal to the head of the village council Timur Khasaev was sent by the head of the EU faction Danil Topolnitsky.

The MP proposes to include in the 2022 budget two million hryvnia for the design of the ice arena. He notes that such an object can become the center of cultural and sports life not only in Tairovo, but also in neighbouring villages, and hopes for support from the regional administration and people’s deputies.