Podolyak: NATO is approaching the borders

Russia started a war against Ukraine to prevent it from joining NATO to “protect” Russian borders, but Sweden and Finland may join the Alliance by the end of the year.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, says that Russia miscalculated the war against Ukraine because NATO will approach its borders “half an hour from St. Petersburg.” Podolyak announced this on Telegram.

“Russia has always been distinguished by the absurdity and illogicality of its statements. Yes, this strange country continues to claim that it launched a large-scale barbaric war against Ukraine to prevent us from joining NATO. “Defend our borders.” There is no more hypocritical reason for the massacre of Ukrainians. Well, after Sweden and Finland join the Alliance, which could happen in the next six months, the Kremlin will get NATO half an hour away from St. Petersburg. And these are mandatory consequences if the country does not know how to analyze risks,” Podolyak said.

“20,000+ Russian soldiers have already died (for today, because tomorrow there will be much more). The ruined economy is supported only by the sale of raw materials. However, this is already in question. Complete political isolation. Extremely toxic reputation. “Butchers of Bucha” is already written in the history books. But the “special operation” is still “going according to plan.” What kind of plan was it and who in their right mind authorized it?”

In June, prime minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson is going to the NATO summit to apply for her country’s entry into the Alliance.

In addition, a debate has begun in Finland, as a result, the country can apply for NATO membership within a few weeks.

Until February 24, these countries did not declare their intention to join NATO.

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