Poland: demand for workers from Ukraine is growing

The Polish Labor Market Barometer shows that 28% of companies in Poland employ workers from Ukraine.

The economic rebound we are seeing now has brought back the problem that employers faced prior to the pandemic. It is about the staff deficit, which returned as soon as economic sectors such as, among others, were reopened. tourism or hotel industry. Domestic employees are not able to fill all the gaps, which is why the demand for staff from the East is growing. The results of the Polish Labor Market Barometer of the Personnel Service show that half of the employers treat them in the same way as Poles, and they are most valued for their diligence, experience, and quick adaptation.

The last edition of the Polish Labor Market Barometer shows that 28 percent of companies in Poland employ workers from Ukraine. Most of them work in large companies, employing over 250 people – already 45 percent of them have staff from the East. What’s more, every fourth company in Poland intends to recruit Ukrainians in the next 12 months. Before the pandemic, only one in ten companies had such plans. The reason for the growing interest in employing Ukrainians is not only the staffing gap but also previous, positive experiences in employing immigrants from the East.

The Polish Labor Market Barometer shows that every third Polish employer has a positive attitude towards employees from Ukraine. This is an increase of 3 pp compared to the previous edition of the survey. The vast majority of companies (49 percent) say that they have a neutral attitude towards Ukrainians, and only 8 percent of entrepreneurs report negative feelings.

Employees from Ukraine are treated by most employers in the same way as employees from Poland. I think that this neutrality of attitude indicates precisely that it does not matter for companies whether a Pole or a Ukrainian works for them as long as they do their job well. And the previous experience of employers in cooperation with Ukrainians only speaks in favour of employing them.

Krzysztof Inglot, President of the Management Board of Personnel Service

Article offered by Warsaw Business Journal