Police conduct large-scale checking in Odessa: weapons and prohibited symbols are found

This was reported in the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police.

According to the Department, the special services of the Russian Federation, under the control of criminals, intended to destabilize the situation in the region by inciting riots, organizing mass protests and riots that could undermine statehood and overthrow the state system of Ukraine.

According to the enemy’s plans, they were to influence and act through their proxies who settled in the Odessa region. The final date for implementing criminal strategies was the anniversary of the tragic events – May 2.

In order to prevent the development of such events, operatives and investigative police, together with the DBR, are conducting large-scale training of persons who may be involved in illegal activities.

As a result, a significant number of various weapons, communist paraphernalia, brochures with communist and other forbidden symbols, manuals with instructions on rules of conduct, conspiracy measures, and surveillance for sabotage and reconnaissance groups have been confiscated. In addition, grenades, ammunition, mobile phones, and electronic media.

Activities are currently underway. After carrying out all the necessary procedural measures, the actions of each person will be given a legal qualification.

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large-scale checking

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