Polish general: Putin ordered to put the economy on the rails of martial law

Waldemar Skshipchak described the problems that are inherent in the Russian industry.

Putin wants to start a new wave of recruiting from October and put the economy under martial law.

This was stated by the former commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Poland, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, ‘Espresso‘ reports.

“He is already taking recruits, but he has a serious administrative problem. The Russian administration was not ready for war, they are not ready, they do not have supplies, people avoid the army and military service, dodge, run away from it,” Skshipchak said.

He added that Russia has big problems with the industry.

“Putin ordered the transfer of the economy from peace to war. He plans to do this in October. But since October, since the economy is not ready to go to war, he has not militarized his factories because they do not have the people to work in four shifts as he would like. In this regard, the Russians have severe problems with recruits and with the industry that would produce or repair equipment,” the general believes.

Skshipchak noted that the Russian dictator wanted to get through the winter and could do so in the spring.