Polish journalists demand to judge top Russian propagandists as war criminals

The main council of the Association of Polish Journalists called for “bandits in Russian uniforms” and “propagandists of the Kremlin regime” who pretend to be journalists to be tried for crimes committed against the civilian population of Ukraine.

The corresponding statement appeared on the website of the Association.

Polish journalists note that the Kremlin mouthpieces not only misinform the world community about Russia’s war against Ukraine, but also call for a fight against Ukrainians in the name of the imperialist interests of Putin and his entourage.

The authors of the statement note that the top propagandists of the Russian Federation Margarita Simonyan, Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Kiselev and Olga Skabeeva should be tried as war criminals after the fall of the Russian dictator’s regime.

“These are the most famous faces of Russian propaganda. Unfortunately, there are much more of them, because there are no free media in Russia now … Manipulation, disinformation and, most importantly, incitement of hatred and calls for the killing of innocent people in an independent country will never be considered journalism, and the centers of Russian propaganda will never become mass media,” Polish journalists state.

Russian propagandists often call for the killing of Ukrainians and threaten nuclear strikes. In particular, Vladimir Solovyov, a top Kremlin propagandist, recently surprised me with unprecedented frankness. The Kremlin mouthpiece publicly acknowledged itself as a terrorist and called for “demolishing” Odessa, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

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