Poroshenko tried to leave Ukraine: the border guards did not let him out

Petro Poroshenko tried to leave Ukraine tonight through the Rava Russkaya checkpoint.

The People’s Deputy Irina Gerashchenko announced this.

According to her, Poroshenko was supposed to participate in the NATO PA and the corresponding order on business trips was signed by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk, but Poroshenko was not allowed to cross the border, allegedly without explanation.

“The leadership of the EU faction tried all evening to contact the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada in order to understand what was happening, but he did not get in touch,” she wrote.

She also said that the delegation includes a deputy Maryana Bezuglaya.

Later, in a commentary to Ukrainska Pravda, border guards confirmed that the fifth president was at the Rava-Ruska checkpoint around 23:45.

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