“Powerless like slaves”: paramedic “Taira” described the conditions of her captivity

Ukrainian paramedic Yulia Paevskaya (“Taira”) for the first time after being released from Russian captivity, spoke about the conditions in which she was with the enemies.

On her Facebook page, the woman wrote that the detention conditions were more like a concentration camp.

“Taira” said that during her time in captivity, she lost weight and now her weight is 50 kilograms. Because of this experience, she is now tired and exhausted, but she convinces her that she will soon recover and return to duty.

“I won’t post any selfies just yet. Sorry. I’m now around 50 kg. I’m too exhausted and look terrible. But I’m being treated by the best doctors and I’ll be back in action soon. Again and again, I want to thank you for the exchange, which was undeniably a miracle Lord, and everyone involved in this miracle. Now I am in a safe place under the supervision of the best doctors. Soon I will return to duty, and I need to restore my strength,” she wrote.

According to the paramedic, she now hurts most of all those who are still in captivity of the Russian invaders. She stressed that everything possible must be done so that the prisoners are protected by the international Convention on Human Rights, because the Russians violate these rights.

“Most of all, I am hurt for the fate of the guys and girls sitting in the enemy’s dungeons – when you think there is no hope, and Ukraine no longer exists as a state. It is necessary to ensure that all prisoners are protected by an international convention on human rights, because when we are there, we have absolutely no rights, like slaves, we are not given any packages, we have no information about our family, and medical assistance is not available. The detention conditions are reminiscent of a concentration camp, and I would not be shocked to find myself once in a gas wagon. And I’m not kidding, unfortunately. And this is only a small percentage of what is happening in the stone bags behind the line of contact. All prisoners must be released. It is necessary to develop a control system and an exchange algorithm,” Paevskaya said.

On June 17, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Paevskaya had been released from captivity.

Julia was taken prisoner approximately in mid-March. Russian propagandists call her a “participant of Azov”.

After her release, Taira recorded the first video in which she thanked the president for his help and emphasized that she was now in a safe place.

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