Priority task of the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: security of the Black Sea region

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) is working for the security of the Black Sea region to open up new infrastructure opportunities for Ukraine.

It was said by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the Infrastructure of Ukraine’s South forum, where he attended via video communication.

Ukraine is part of important transport corridors, and we are constantly working to involve investors, open up new infrastructure opportunities for Ukraine, new business projects and construct transit corridors.

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Moreover, the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister mentioned a conversation a few days ago with the head of Turkmen diplomacy on transit routes between Central Europe and Central Asia with the involvement of Ukraine and Turkmenistan.

Kuleba said that at the meetings between President of Ukraine Zelensky, Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmyhal and the head of the Foreign Ministry the themes of the development of the Ukrainian maritime industry, ports, transit routes and investment raising in concessions are always discussed.

A separate important issue is the security of the Black Sea region. If there is no security, there will be no safe trade. Along with international partners, we are working to stabilise the situation in the Black Sea. So that Russia does not create obstacles to trade with its exercises and actions. This is one of the priority tasks of the Foreign Ministry.

Dmytro Kuleba

Also the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Head of Ukrzaliznytsia, the Mayor of Odessa and the Head of Odessa Regional State Administration, executive directors of the logistics business and freight operators, as well as ambassadors and trade representatives of the countries of Europe and the Middle East took part in the forum.

We are fighting for Ukraine’s place under the sun, and this fight is especially relevant now, when supply chains are changing due to COVID-19 pandemic. Some new problems are also new opportunities. The task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to minimise problems and maximise the benefits for Ukraine and Ukraine’s business.

Dmytro Kuleba

Kuleba concluded the MFA will always be a reliable partner for Ukrainian business and is constantly working to create opportunities in foreign markets, support Ukrainian exporters in certification issues, establish contacts with authorities and settle problems.