Prohibition of dismissal instead of pay: Russians are looking for ways to keep unmotivated servicemen

Russian servicemen from the 47th Panzer Division who took part in the battles against Ukraine did not receive the promised additional surcharges. The last surcharges they received were 2 percent of their pre-war salary.

In this case, the status of “veteran” can theoretically be obtained only by those injured, treated in hospital, and have an official record of injuries. The occupier’s troops bombard the command with appeals for surcharges and status, but they are all ignored. As a result, the military has neither the desire nor the incentive to return to the war zone.

An additional incentive to refuse to take part in the war was a large number of bodies of victims who are beginning to arrive in Russia. In order not to cause panic, the command ordered to transport them in small batches. According to the commanders, this will help avoid discontent and resistance in some units and panic among local communities.

In order to prevent mass dismissals due to unwillingness to take part in hostilities, the military contract of the Russian army includes provisions on consent to perform tasks in areas of hostilities, regardless of their location.

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