“Prologue to the Third World War”: Medvedev responded to security guarantees for Ukraine

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called the document of the security treaty for Ukraine “a prologue to the Third World War.”

In his Telegram, the former president of the Russian Federation began to threaten NATO and declare that “no one will give guarantees to Ukrainian Nazis.”

“The Kyiv camarilla gave birth to a project of “security guarantees”, which are a prologue to the third world war. Of course, no one will give any “guarantees” to the Ukrainian Nazis. After all, this is almost the same as applying Article 5 of the North Atlantic Pact (Washington Treaty) to Ukraine. For NATO – the same shit, only a side view. Therefore, it’s scary.

If the pumping of the Kyiv regime with the most dangerous types of weapons continues, the military campaign will move to another level sooner or later. Visible boundaries and potential predictability of the parties’ actions to the conflict will disappear. It will follow its own military scenario, attracting new participants to it,” writes Medvedev.

At the end, the Kremlin jester is traditionally scared a nuclear war:

“Everything will flare up around them. Their people will seize grief to the fullest. Their earth will literally burn, and concrete will melt. We will also get a lot. It will be very bad for everyone,” Medvedev added.

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