Pure Odessa vibe

A project where musicians jam right in the bedroom

Playing together is a great way to become a better musician.

Bedroom Music is a music platform created for collaboration between musicians from all over the world. Its main feature is that everything happens in an atmospheric Odessa Bedroom!

The idea of ​​the project belongs to Anastasia Pokaz. The platform was launched almost one year ago, long before the quarantine. During this time, many interesting musicians managed to jam in the studio-bedroom – and all of their recordings were broadcast on the Bedroom Music YouTube channel.

The global pandemic has made its own adjustments and now all jams are organized online (but also in the bedrooms!). This is how the musical manifesto Come Together appeared – a cover of the legendary Beatles song, which was performed together by more than 30 musicians (Karl Frierson – vocalist of De-Phazz, Oleg Skripka, Jeri Hale, Julia Nelson, Zbaraski, “KAchevniki”, as well as participants from Pokaz Trio, Pianoboy, etc).

The idea for Bedroom Music began with the fact that one morning I woke up and it seemed to me that there was nothing better than combining bedroom and music, because these are two of my favorite things in the world – sleep and music!

Anastasia Pokaz

Everyone was close to the idea of ​​a studio in the bedroom, because this is the personification of a pure Odessa vibe. They got an idea to have a place where you can jam with musicians from all over the world, immersing them in our most relaxed home atmosphere and broadcast it online.

It took about 4 months from the idea to turning into reality. All the reparation works were done by Anastasia ad her friends, the bought all the furniture and interior items at the legendary Starokonka market (Odessa flea market). The result is a very homely and fun atmosphere. Their permanent technical partners Sonus helped them with the necessary equipment.

In fact, we really want to create a musical image of Odessa. Odessa is a real funk!

Anastasia Pokaz

Bedroom Music team has an endless list of those musicians with whom they would like to collaborate – everyone has our own favorites, and over the time they intend to satisfy the desires of absolutely all team members. There are absolutely no stylistic prejudices while choosing an artists, they are open to any experiments but still hit the funk more.

In the post-quarantine period the team is planning to work intensively on content creation. It is not known when it will be possible to hold offline parties and concerts, so they will actively invite various Ukrainian musicians to the studio to jam and create Bedroom Music.

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