Push on commercial and passenger traffic between the Ukrainian Izmail and Romanian Tulcea

A yacht club is planned to be built in Izmail (Odessa region) and regular ferry service with Romanian Tulcea will resume.

The authorities of these cities with the help of international partners are planning to resume regular passenger traffic between the Ukrainian Izmail and Romanian Tulcea, located on the opposite banks of the Danube.

According to Izmail Mayor Andriy Abramchenko, last week he signed a grant contract for two cross-border projects – “CBC-SAFETY – Prevention and Fight against Organized Crime and Police Cooperation through Cross-Border Centers on the Romania-Ukraine Border”, as well as “CBConnect-Trans – Development of intermodal cross-border communication along the route Isakcha-Orlovka-Izmail-Tulcha”.

The second project is being implemented under the Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 Joint Operational Program and is funded by the European Union.

Its goal is to resume regular passenger traffic between the cities of Izmail and Tulcea (Romania), as well as to create additional conditions for the passage of goods and vehicles through the Isakcea-Orlovka international ferry complex.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a modern parking lot for small vessels (marina) for about 12 places within the Izmail embankment of Luka Kapikrayana No. 4, overhaul of the access road to the Izmail seaport with arrangement of parking for vehicles, as well as the purchase of two vessels (for 32 and 12 places) for the implementation of regular passenger traffic.

The duration of the project is 24 months, the total budget (for all partners) is 2.4 million euros, of which 213 thousand euros will be allocated by the Izmail City Council.

Source: Dumskaya.net