“Putin puts a lot of pressure”: Belarus can involve up to 15,000 soldiers in the war in Ukraine

Now Lukashenko and his generals are trying to avoid participation in the war.

Russia is putting pressure on Belarus to open a second front in northern Ukraine. At the same time, the unrecognized president of Belarus avoided entering the war.

Retired Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko spoke about this in an interview with OBOZREVATEL.

According to the expert, the Belarusians are preparing a certain number of the military for a possible invasion, but “they are doing everything possible and impossible not to enter this active phase of hostilities.”

“Although Putin is pressing, very seriously pressing. Resistance is severe both among the Belarusian people and the army. But this is a dictatorship, and we understand it can work accordingly. Currently, our intelligence and allies show that they do not have enough strength. They have no experience. There were separate parts of a special brigade that were trained together with the Russians, and they financially provided them and fed Lukashenko, but this was not enough to take serious action. Because there is tough terrain for combat operations,” Romanenko said.

According to currently available data, Belarus can attract from 8,000 to 15,000 troops. Although it will be extremely difficult for the Belarusians to attack because they are “not fired upon.” The military security forces could be mixed with Russians who already have combat experience, but the expert considers this unlikely because such Russians are already involved in hostilities in eastern and southern Ukraine.

They actually have no other reserves, and those that are recruited in the Russian Federation are untrained personnel, poorly trained, and their effectiveness is appropriate. Although the military must calculate all options, plans are being prepared, and this is being done, work is underway to form defensive borders in the north of our state, preparations are underway for territorial defense in this direction, and so on,” Romanenko said.

NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov said that the Russian Federation is recruiting Belarus citizens to participate in a full-scale war against Ukraine. He also spoke about the likelihood of a second attack in the north of our country.

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