“Putin will stomp his feet and scream”: Arestovich spoke about the hysteria of the Russian command

The bloody dictator will try to blame the Russian military for everything, but they are already “mad” and see that he himself is to blame for everything.

OPU adviser Aleksey Arestovich described the likely scenario of the Russian Security Council, which Putin urgently convened. The bloody dictator will be informed about all the failures of the invaders at the front, and he will “stomp his feet and scream.”

Arestovich spoke about this on air with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin.

In his opinion, Putin will ask the Security Council what the Russian military can do. They will tell you that the troops need to retreat and deploy flanks. The command will report to the dictator about the defeats and failures, and tell him that they will also have to say goodbye to the grouping in the Kherson region. The serious problems of the Russian army will greatly upset Putin. The military will say, Arestovich noted, that they need to retreat because soon they will not be able to simply defend themselves, no one even talks about the offensive.

“He (Putin) will stomp his feet, shout: ‘how did you let this happen.’ Blame the military, demand that the FSB sort things out, demand to raise strategic aviation, “shoot” with all “Caliber”, and transfer troops from edge to edge. And they (the command of the Russian Federation) will say that this is all dead poultices, strategic aviation will not solve tactical problems, it cannot simply … “, – said the adviser to the OPU.

The command of the Russian Federation understands that the transfer of troops will not help them. The Ukrainian military will still hit the invaders as soon as they transfer their forces. Even if they spend five days on this, nothing will help the invaders, Arestovich noted.

“And this is a catastrophe. Putin led to this catastrophe. Now he urgently needs to find the culprits, but the Russian military is in the stage of rabid as I understand it. The generals understand that they are now responsible for this. And they understand that it is he (Putin) who brought the army, including with his orders… Shouting, disassembly, grabbed by the chest, but there is nothing more to do,” the adviser to the OPU described the hysteria among the command of the Russian Federation.

The Russian military, Arestovich noted, needs to understand whether they will continue to die on our soil, or they need to deploy their weapons and start a civil war, “demolish” Putin. As the adviser to the OP noted, the murder of the dictator would be a “white ticket” for the Russians.