“Putin’s defeat in this war is inevitable”: Piontkovsky explained why the plan to seize Ukraine failed

Russian publicist and political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky believe that the defeat of Vladimir Putin in the war against Ukraine is inevitable – even in Moscow, they understand this, only the president of the aggressor country himself does not understand. In the future, Putin may face the death penalty.

According to Piontkovsky, Ukraine has already won a major moral, political, and even military victory.

The publicist explained that Putin’s plan was a blitzkrieg and a “change” regime – to put his puppets in power and subjugate the whole of Ukraine and then split it into pieces. Now it has become clear to everyone that this plan is unthinkable, it will never come true.

“I think that in Moscow, this is clear to everyone, in the General Staff, but the trouble is that this is not yet clear to one crazy person in the Kremlin. He will have to inspire this idea with powerful means,” he said.

According to Piontkovsky, the deprivation of Russia’s advantage in the air – the closed sky over Ukraine – can turn the tide of the war and finally formalize the Ukrainian victory.

“No fly zone – a shameful defeat of the Russian army, a coup in Moscow, arrest, extradition to an international tribunal. I think an exceptional measure will be applied to such a criminal – the death penalty by hanging,” the Russian added.

He said that the Germans had to “launder” Hitler for at least 70 years.

“So will the Russians, if the Russian state survives at all, because Putin’s defeat is inevitable,” Piontkovsky stressed.

Video by Radio Svoboda

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