Putin’s lover Kabayeva faces expulsion from Switzerland

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mistress Alina Kabayeva faces expulsion from Switzerland, where she is likely hiding with her children. Citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus appealed to the Swiss Confederation with a petition under the slogan “connect Eva Braun” with her “Führer”.

Almost 50,000 people have already voted for the request on change.org.

The authors asked the government why they allow Putin’s accomplices to hide.

The petition says that the “favorite of a crazy dictator and war criminal” is hiding in a once neutral country from sanctions. At the same time, the father of her children insidiously attacks Ukraine.

In this regard, the citizens of the three countries asked the Swiss government to consider Kabayeva’s citizenship and the need to impose sanctions on her as a person who heads the Russian propaganda media holding, which systematically conveyed false information to Russian citizens.

The authors of the appeal demand a decision on the inadmissibility of further stay of Putin’s mistress in Switzerland and check the “purity” of funds used to purchase real estate in the place where she is hiding.

“We will seek justice in all possible ways. If the trial reveals the corruption of certain Swiss political officials, which allowed Alina Kabayeva to obtain Swiss citizenship in circumvention of statutory procedures or rules, we will seek maximum disclosure of this fact,” – said in a statement.

The Swiss Confederation was urged not to separate the lovers but to “unite Alina -” Eva Braun “- Kabayeva with her” Führer” in the Russian bunker, where the dictator is probably now hiding.

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