“Putin’s Trojan horse”: Orban called those who consider him a racist “idiots”

After his scandalous statement about the “mixing of races” in Europe, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, distinguished himself with a new loud statement in continuation of his previous words.

Thus, the head of the Hungarian government declared that “a Christian politician cannot be a racist.” Orbán called those who consider him a racist or an anti-Semite “just idiots”.

The politician said this in Texas before a gathering of conservatives reports CBSnews.

“I can already see tomorrow’s headlines. A far-right European racist and anti-Semite, Putin’s Trojan horse, is giving a speech at the conservative conference. But I don’t want to give them any ideas, they know better how to write fake news,” said the Hungarian prime minister.

He also convinced conservatives that it was necessary to join forces to regain control over the institutions of Washington and Brussels.

“We have to coordinate the movement of our troops because we face a common challenge. You have two years to prepare,” Orbán said.

He was probably referring to preparations for the 2024 US presidential election.

The politician also read his state’s constitution, which recognizes marriage only between a man and a woman. This broke the applause of the audience.

“Less genders and more Rangers, less drag queens and more Chuck Norris,” said Hungary’s Prime Minister.

We should add that he also visited former US President Donald Trump at his golf club in Bedminster. In turn, Trump called Orbán his friend.

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