Raspberry boom: Ukraine entered the TOP-5 world exporters of berries

Ukraine continued its expansion into key EU markets with the exports of berries and fruits.

The main countries-importers of Ukrainian berries were: Poland (53% of Ukrainian exports), Germany (11%) and the Czech Republic (11%). In each of these markets in 2020, Ukrainian suppliers are among the largest. The structure of imports of berries in these countries in terms of major supplier countries is as follows:

  • Poland: Ukraine (45%), Serbia (33%), Germany (6%);
  • Germany: Serbia (42%), Poland (34%), the Netherlands (5%), Ukraine (2%);
  • Czech Republic: Ukraine (42%), Poland (24%), Serbia (15%).

Ukraine exports the mostly frozen raspberries. In 2020, 18.6 thousand tons of this berry were exported. In terms of the number of exported berries, raspberries are second only to blueberries.

Analysts note a sharp increase in exports of fruits and berries to Germany in the first three quarters of 2021 compared to previous years. Ukraine’s revenue from fruit and berry exports to Germany during this period amounted to $15.7 million, an increase of 71% compared to 2020 and becoming a record for all time.

The main revenue for Ukraine was brought by the export of frozen raspberries, which grew 3.3 times to $ 5.7 million. The second position in exports was also occupied by berries, although wild – exports of frozen blueberries and other wildflowers to Germany from Ukraine grew by 82% by 2020 up to $ 5.5 million. Relatively small batches of fresh raspberries, edible chestnuts and one batch of fresh cherries were also delivered to Germany for the first time.

Thus, Ukraine continued its expansion into key EU markets, reported by EastFruit.

In addition to Germany, Ukraine increased the exports of berries and fruits to the markets of other EU countries in the first 9 months of 2021: Poland (by 85%), France (by 22%), the Netherlands (by 86%), Italy (by 70%), Austria (35%), Lithuania (95%) and others. Notably, the first 8 countries in the ranking of the main markets for Ukrainian fruits, berries and nuts in 2021 are the countries of the European Union, and Azerbaijan and Turkey take only 9th and 10th positions. The first eight EU countries account for 72% of all Ukraine’s fruit exports!