RAW: break the digital – group exhibition of post-internet art and music in Odessa

Art installations, theatrical performances, visual projections, live shows and DJ network of musicians, kitchen and bar, at the abandoned Odessa shipyard. 16 Ukrainian artists, 11 music players from Berlin, Kyiv and Odessa.

The connection with the real world is weakening, digital is reaching a new level, but at the beginning of this spring, RAW will be held again to go beyond what is allowed. The digital distance will be broken – RAW is heading to Odessa.

This weekend March 13-14, 2021, the RAW exhibition will take place on the territory of one very special location of the city of Odessa: an abandoned shipyard (SRZ-2), located between the port of Odessa and the M1 Club Hotel in Langeron beach. Address: Lidersovsky Boulevard 1 (SRZ-2 plant)

These are the main workshops of artists and attractions of this creative cluster, who will open the doors and receive guests to show their unique projects.

  • The silk screen printing workshop MOX under the direction of Zhenya Volno will open its doors to let the guests print any item of their wardrobe and take with them a unique artifact with the symbolism of the exhibition.
  • The Circulation of infernation showroom, located on the 3rd floor, will present a collection of clothes made of recycled textile material.
  • The performance-collaboration in the name of beauty with the Kyiv artist Boris Kashapov. Exhibition of heavenly works and the opportunity to decorate yourself immediately at the location. The studio can also be found on the 3rd floor.
  • The Horizontal Bread Cooperative will provide guests with vegan culinary accompaniment at a free price. You can find food by smell, or on the summer playground on the second floor.

Back in the summer of last year, SRH became a centre of modern Ukrainian culture, hosting young artists, musicians, shareholders and artists. Today, SRH is a unique phenomenon that emerged in the era of transformation and cultural change. RAW exhibition is waiting for everyone to be a part of this story and witness the combination of different worlds and ideas in one city.

All funds raised during the exhibition from the sale go to create an alternative playground.

For the full programme, visit the website: RAW break the digital

For the first time RAW: BRAKE THE DIGITAL took place in mid-December in Kyiv and brought together 28 artists with more than 500 guests of the exhibition.

// RAW is the way out of digital.

// RAW is the world, through the eyes of artists as it is.

// RAW is a manifesto of reality in the age of numbers.