Record in the port of Odessa: almost 6 million tons of metal products were transhipped in 2020

According to the actual data of the main dispatching Odessa branch of the Seaports Administration of Ukraine (USPA), in 2020 through the berths of the Odessa seaport was transshipped 5934.3 thousand tons of metal products, which is 1325.1 thousand tons, or 28.7% higher than the previous year and is the best result for the last 10 years. Structure of cargo flow by transportation mode:

  • 5083.6 thousand tons – exports;
  • 704.8 thousand tons – transit;
  • 52.6 thousand tons – imports;
  • 93.3 thousand tons – domestic transportation.

According to statistics, every fourth ton of domestic metal exports in 2020 was overloaded at the berths of the port of Odessa,Our stevedoring companies due to the application of competitive tariffs, flexibility and efficiency in making important decisions were able to attract additional traffic of metallurgical products. Technological mobility, application of innovations and improvement of quality of the provided services is the policy of operators of the Odessa port which has allowed to reach high indicators last year, and will increase them in the current.

Maxim Lapay, the Head of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration

Five port operators are involved in the transshipment of ferrous metals and pig iron in the port of Odessa. The undisputed leader in terms of cargo turnover on the “metal” positions of the range of goods in recent years is Novolog LLC, which by the way in 2020 set two own records: the volume of monthly and annual transshipment of metal products.

In December of 2020 the dockers of Novolog LLC processed 11 vessels (9 – hire, 2 – cast iron), having loaded as a result 242,7 thousand tons. In total, in January-December 2020, the company recorded 2,032.4 thousand tons of metal products. Both of these figures are a record for the last 10 years of the company’s activity.

Stevedoring company Novolog LLC, a leading stevedoring company in the Black Sea ports, has been operating on the territory of the Odessa Sea Trade Port since August 1993. It operates berths No. 9, 10, 12, 13. The total length of the berth line is 670 m, maximum draft is up to 12 m.

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