Record of rents decrease in Odessa for apartments with a sea view

In Odessa, for the first time in summer since many years, apartments in resort areas can be rented for less than $100 a month. Basically, these are 1-room apartments in old Khrushchev style buildings and prefabricated 9-storey towers in the area of ​​​​Arcadia and Big Fountain (Bolshoy Fontan).

Previously, these same apartments in the summer cost USD 600-800 a month due to daily rent.

Rent fell down at least 6 times, due to the war in Odessa. The mining of the sea and the official ban on visiting beaches also negatively affected prices.

Apartments in new buildings in Arcadia and Bolshoy Fontan are offered from USD 140 per month. The choice is very large, and some are offered after renovation with new furniture for the first settlement and with a beautiful view of the sea.

It is likely that the market prices for apartments in Odessa city will not increase for many months.

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